Friday, June 3, 2016

Filament Structure of the Large Scale Universe

I have been wondering about the filament structure of the large scale universe for a while.

It seems that the nods of the filaments stay there and they are not going to merge together. 

I got struck by the idea that the gravitational force must become repulsive at the scale beyond ~163 to 261 million light-years apart. That means the Newtonian gravity potential V(r)~-1/r  will have to have the slope downward beyond the critical distance Rc instead of going flat toward infinity.

The seemingly uniform neuron like distribution of the nods of the filament can not be possible without the balancing act of repulsive gravity among themselves.

This conjecture immediately negates the Big Bang theory of the universe.

The filaments connect the nods because the gravity between the neighboring filaments is still attractive as they are closer than the “critical” distance that changes the gravity into repulsive domain. I explained that Newtonian and dipole gravity are caused by the magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos in the universe in my book.
So there must be some fundamental reasons for the universe to have the filament like structure. 
I tend to think that this may have something to do with the speed limit of the Tachyonic Neutrinos in the universe. If the speed of the neutrinos can actually become infinite, as the simple special relativistic theory indicates, the universe would not have filament structures. It seems like there must be a certain limit of speed of travel for those magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos and this can create the filament like structure in the large scale universe.

I propose the large scale filament structure universe's extended Newtonian gravity potential as

V(r) ~ -1/r    for r  smaller or equal to Rc
V(r) ~ -(r-Rc)^a for r larger than Rc

where Rc is the "critical" distance of the large scale universe in the range of ~163 to 261 million light years and "a" a positive number. The validity of this potential can easily be tested by numerical computer simulation. The universe is truly the source of unlimited wonder and curiosity. 

PS: This article and along with other articles in this blog, present original ideas in astrophysics and cosmology and as such it should not be copied or plagiarized without the author's written permission.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Book "Physics of the New Millennium, Birth of the New Paradigm" Published

It is long overdue to publish this book partially because I'm a slow mover on main issues. On the other hand, I may have tried to be very judicious not to miss anything that I have to include in the book. I included the detailed process of the conceptual development of the theory of dipole gravity. It could be a boring story to some but if you think of it, the way some revolutionary idea springs up in the mind of a person can be very interesting as well. Who would not be interested in knowing how Einstein has conceived the idea of general relativity or special relativity for that matter. There has to be some vital sequential thought process and development inside his mind. And also how one idea kicks off the next one to spur the birth of the bigger ideas.
Because of the Non Newtonian property of dipole gravity, I found out that gravitational free energy can be extracted from space using the concept of the gravitational dipole moment. I published the paper in the LLNL in 1997 and advertised the new findings. And, next, some readers of my gravitational free energy papers sent me information regarding the electromagnetic free energy devices. It was in 1997. I was hooked into the Thomas Henry Moray device as soon as I read the detailed story of it. The whole story of Thomas Henry Moray could not be dismissed due to the number and the quality of the witnesses who have seen Moray device operating in front of their eyes.

The next thing that happened was the discovery of the capacitor anomaly. I remember vaguely at the physics class at the university that the stored energy calculation in the capacitor presented in the physics text book was looked like made up in a hurried and heuristic manner not knowing exactly why. I didn't know at the time that the capacitor energy calculation in the conventional text book was missing the huge chunk of repulsive electrostatic potential energy. The original developers of the theory of electricity and magnetism have totally missed the repulsive electrostatic potential energy in their calculations.
It was a huge fallacy that has been being shoved down the throat of the hundreds of thousands of physics college students at least for the last one hundred and fifty years. No one has challenged on this fallacy over what they have been taught including the ones who have become famous teachers and lecturers. I couldn't believe what I have found in my spare time in 1998 at Dayton Ohio while I was working at the Air Force Institute of Technology at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

One year before this event took place, I happened to work at the laboratory where they measured the neutrinos mass from the tritium decay experiment. There I ended up publishing the paper "Neutrinos must be Tachyons" as I was deeply mystified by the fact that no one can tell where all those neutrinos that have been generated from the beta decay are. The number of the neutrinos can be literally equal to the number of the electrons in the universe yet no one seemed to be bothered by such a lack of knowledge on where they are.
The conclusion of the paper "Neutrinos must be Tachyons" means that all the galaxies, stars, matters and the material objects in the universe are basically floating in the sea of the tachyonic background neutrinos. I'm sure this is what Thomas Henry Moray has envisioned in his mind when he published the book "Sea of Energy".

If the space is filled up with the magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos, that same particles must be responsible for the phenomenon of gravity as well. Since the magnetic monopoles can be manipulated by electromagnets, we can certainly manipulate gravity using the electromagnetic means.
And so I ended up finding the solution for the Coral Castle mystery that is the electromagnetic antigravity as well. The details of these phenomenon are all included and described in detail in the book.
Effectively, we are at the beginning of the new age of civilization. We will be able to travel to Mars and Moon in a matter of hours with this new technology. Humans will no longer suffer from environmental pollution due to fossil fuel.
The universe is made economically and simply if you think of it deeply.

To buy a printed version of the 530 page book visit:

To download the same eBook visit: the site has an option to download one for free

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tachyonic Universe

Instead of trying to find the truth of the physical universe on its fundamental operating principles by the method of deduction completely modeled from the material physical standpoint, where the speed of light is the maximum speed of travel for any existing objects, I would like to use the method of intuition to describe the universe and then will try to find any flaws in such a model using the existing contemporary mathematical description of the universe.
If there are no flaws but a great reduction of mysteries and inconsistencies, the new doctrine/paradigm may as well be the truth.

The universe is filled with the superluminal particles that travel always faster than the speed of light. Like the air molecules inside a balloon, the multitudes of this superluminal gas defines the volume in the three dimensional universe. Although not visible, the presence of the air is manifested by the volume defined by the pressurized gas inside the balloon. Like wise, although not visible, the presence of these superluminal particles is manifested by the presence of the very space in the universe. The three dimensional space is a confined surface in the four dimensional sphere. The lowest speed that these particles can travel is the speed of light. These particles have energy and momentum but the mass is imaginary. The physical measurement of their mass is possible by its squared form which is essentially a negative number. As such, one may say that it’s not a physical particle because it doesn’t have the real mass as if trying to justify and support the conclusion that they can not exist. But in a fair physical sense, it is still a physical particle because it has momentum and energy; therefore, the possibility of its existence can not be dismissed. In other words, they are still physical particles. They may not be visible or physically testable like the trajectory of electrons using its bending effect from the magnets but their existence can not be disputed.

These superluminal particles are magnetic monopoles. Our universe happened to be populated by one type of magnetic poles as the majority occupants. It still doesn’t exclude the possibility that the other magnetic monopoles can exists in small numbers. It’s only a matter of number that this universe happened to be populated by one type of magnetic monopoles as a majority. The mirror imaged universe may exist where the other type of monopoles dominate such a universe. The electron and proton will have opposite electric charges in such a universe. So, in such a way, the entire symmetry of the dual universe is preserved.

The duality in the theory of electricity and magnetism between the phenomenon of electricity and magnetism dictates that the superluminal magnetic monopoles will produce spiral electric field along its passage. The random gas like motion of these superluminal magnetic monopole particles creates an electromagnetic bubble like soup in the space. Due to the randomness of these superluminal particles, the time averaged electric field in any space will be zero but in the microscopic point of view this will not be the case. Each and every point in space has a randomly fluctuating electric field where the time averaged electric field strength will be zero. This electromagnetic bubble soup is the medium that mediates the propagation of the electromagnetic waves in space.

This microscopic electromagnetic bubble soup is also the cause of the quantum mechanical behavior of the charged particles. The motion of an electron placed in this bubble soup will be random and unpredictable. Its probability of existence at the same original position will decrease exponentially in time. The Plank constant h is a function of the number density of these super luminal particles, their average speed and the strength of the individual monopole magnet.

These superluminal magnetic monopole particles interact kinematically like billiard balls with the matter particles like protons and neutrons giving off momentum and energy or absorbing them at the same time. This interaction produces the effect of gravity in space.

Now these superluminal magnetic monopole gases in the universe have to be the neutrinos. The number of neutrinos in the universe has to be the same as the number of protons and electrons if we assume that they can be produced only through the process of the beta decay. The abundance of these superluminal particles is explained as being natural.

Also, it has been a logical curiosity in the theory of electricity and magnetism, why there are no separate single magnets in the universe. Why does the magnetism always appear in pair? This question is also solved by this intuitive picture of the universe.

Method of deductive logic will never allow us to reach this point of conclusion because the speed of light as the ultimate limit of speed of travel for any kind of physical particles immediately prohibits such a leap of faith.

For a physical wave to propagate it needs a medium that supports the travel of that specific wave, then, what is the physical medium that supports the propagation of light and where are they and what are they composed of? Just the same way the pressurized air molecule is the medium that supports the propagation of the sound waves; the pressurized superluminal neutrino particles are the medium that supports the propagation of the electromagnetic wave through the electromagnetic bubble soup created by their motion..

These questions have already been answered as well. Needless to say, the perennial question of where are all the neutrinos that have been produced by the beta decays in the past has also been answered.

Can there be a vacuum that these tachyonic superluminal particles can not reach? The ultimate vacuum state will be relative in the sense that where in space the material density is so high that the neutrinos can not penetrate, and it depends on the density and size of the object, it will virtually create the vacuum state of these particles. In return, these extreme dense spot in space will be the strong gravitational center. For example, a black hole will be such a localized place in space that creates a vacuum of superluminal neutrinos.

By creating a continuous tachyonic vacuum in the front of an object by mechanical or electronic means, this technology can also be used as the driving mechanism of the reactionless propulsion method which can also be faster than the speed of light.

These superluminal particles are certainly physical particles, but they can not be categorized as material particles. But then the photons are not material particles either if anyone tries to challenge the legitimacy of the existence of such particles just based on the materialistic property.

The Einstein’s quadratic structure of the mass energy equation has already suggested the mathematical possibility of the existence of the particles that may have imaginary mass. This quadratic structure is at the basis of the Lorentz transformation in the high energy particle physics. This means that the superluminal tachyons do not violate the symmetry of the Lorentz transformation from the start.

Whatever is allowed in mathematical equations tends to manifest in reality. This was the case with dipole gravity which was discarded as meaningless in the solution of the linearized form of general relativity. It turned out to be meaningful as well as soon as you clarify what is the physically meaningful displacement of the center of mass. This could not have been anticipated within the doctrine of Newtonian mechanics because such kind of a shift in the center of mass can not simply exist in Newtonian dynamics.

Whenever the science needs a leap forward, the existing paradigm tends to block and prohibit such a jump because the old doctrine can not encompass the new paradigm. On the other hand, the new doctrine can encompass the old one plus it provides new physical insights in many unexplained physical phenomena that have existed in the past.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spiritual Analysis of the Biblical Story of Adam and Eve

The concept of the “Original Sin” in the biblical story of Adam and Eve is a powerful metaphor. It has never been proven to be true in any kind of forensic and/or scientific analysis, yet it rings bell to many human minds “well it could well be the truth otherwise why would I suffer so much in this life?”, because for most of the people living in this world, more or less, life is a struggle for survival.

This vague yet unverifiable story can be potentially a powerful subliminal message to control your mind as well as your body. It suggests that you are guilty of sin that you don’t even aware of just by birth and becoming a human being. Because you are guilty by birth no matter what you do, you have to listen and do the things that I tell you to do where I’m being whoever in charge of delivering you that message.

Basically it tells whoever reads it, you are not free of guilt no matter what you do and you are subject to punishment because of that.
Once you read this story and get hooked into it, you have to listen all the way to the end to learn how to be saved from it.

It is a powerful mind game to control your mind and body.
God says to Adam and Eve, “you will die if you eat that fruit” without giving a word of explanation on why and how. God’s basic premise is that “you don’t have to know” or “you don’t deserve to know” or “it’s a secret you should not know”. Secrecy is a back bone of a control. Rampant secret societies in the world basically use this principle of “it’s a secret you should not know” game on their members. It’s a way of manipulation used by some entities who wants to control other entity to take advantage of the unfortunate subject. If you want to take advantage of someone, you can’t divulge everything in your mind before hand. That’s the basic rule number one of the control principle. It looks like the biblical God was playing this game with Adam and Eve.

On the other hand, Satan tells Adam and Eve, you will not die but you will become aware of good and evil. Obviously according to Satan, God didn’t want Adam and Eve to have the conscience which is the basic mechanism of the human mind that they use everyday to tell good and evil. 

And surprisingly Adam and Eve didn’t die but became wiser by being able to tell good and evil. And that was the cause of the original sin inherited to all the human beings.

In effect, God lied to Adam and Eve but Satan was telling the truth. This also sends a strong message that whoever telling the truth is not welcome within this religious order. Is it surprising that the whistle blowers who divulges the truth are always demonized in this society? The sinister control agenda is apparent because what the whistle blowers are doing in essence is the disruption of the control structure where the majority of the group of the people are under the control of the minority of the sinister group of people.

I’m an advocate of the truth in all the spiritual, philosophical and physical scientific matters. This story of Adam and Eve sends people the strong message that if you are in the upper hand of a group of people you can tell lies as well. These days, governments are telling lies to the people all the time and it has become a norm and it’s not even surprising.

Once your subject become wise and being able to tell good and evil, the subject can no longer be treated as subject.
He/she becomes independent and free.

The God in the Old Testament had the ulterior motive to control humans by any means but it was thwarted by Satan’s intervention. In fact, Satan was another creative invention of the Old Testament writers to vilify whoever doesn’t obey their religious order and divulge the truth. But the fact is that humans are created and born to have conscience from the beginning and the story of the forbidden fruit was a pretext to subjugate humans who already have conscience. To make humans fold back and suppress any intelligence, conscience and brain that they have already inherited in their DNA. And then to make them obey blindly.

This can hardly be considered an act of a benevolent God. I tell my kids all the details of why certain things they shouldn’t do because I love them. I don’t tell them just do as I say. This kind of saga continues throughout the old testaments, cheater and killers are awarded as long as they are blindly obedient to God. The Old Testament is a very sophisticated text to enslave any humans who fall into it. It is a cleverly designed text for that purpose and for that purpose only.

This principle was adapted by Ignatius Loyola to establish his infamous Jesuits order.

This kind of practice can not be the control principle of a government or any government, let alone the world government. It won’t work. Its final destiny is the destruction of the whole humanity unless they are stopped dead on their track.




Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spiritual and Philosophical Crisis of the World

The world is in chaos at this very moment as of the date April 2nd 2014. There is no law and order in the world affairs. Ukraine and Syrian crisis, Iran, Russia, Israel, Malaysia.. all in turmoil are the glaring examples. Most of the time, there are more than one problem for a crisis of a society or for the disease of a human body. But in most cases, it’s fairly easy to locate the core of the problem if you take a look at the situation very closely. What I found in the course of trying to figure out the solutions to the problems of many different kinds, almost in all of the cases, it was not because the problem was hard to solve, but instead it was because people are severely brainwashed to look other way when the solutions are right in front of their eyes. It was the problem of the skewed angle that we have been trained to look at for the solution.

In this regard, let’s take a look at the famous story of the biblical Abraham trying to sacrifice his only son Isaac to obey God’s order. This story sounds like a fable and taught and preached like a fable, as if that is not a real story but just a story of bed time for kids to teach them the importance of obeying God’s order to receive blessings in your life.

What if and only what if, there were gods who were actually fed on human flesh in return for all kinds of favors in the worldly rewards over other people. The concept of blind obedience is revolting in the sense that it defies normal human conscience. When it is promoted beyond its realm of boundary, it can be a deadly virus in human society. Of course what I mean by virus in this case is in the spiritual and philosophical sense.

Where did Ignatius Loyola learn the concept of absolute obedience for his Jesuit’s order. Where do you think it came from? If the higher order tells you black is white then that’s what it is according to Loyola. He is talking about a group of live human zombies absolutely devoid of human conscience. For instance, “murdering is loving” “cheating is good and okay as long as you can get away with it” if the higher Jesuits order says so then that is the truth that the lower order should follow and obey. You can see how diabolical this organization can become. Are we looking at this scenario progressing right in front of our eyes in this world at this very moment?

Most of the teachings in the New Testament are morally superior and honorable. But the problem is when the old and the new testaments are combined to become a one religion, you are facing with the problem like that of sodium atoms attached to the sugar molecule that will eventually kill the cancer cells.

There was a group of hominid entities, as recently disclosed by the ex-world bank lawyer Karen Hudes, went by as gods who controlled humans like cattle in the far ancient times. These entities were worshipped as gods by the humans. Sometimes they did not hesitate to feed on human flesh to check how obedient humans can be toward them. They gave those obedient humans material blessings and power over other group of people who did not obey them blindly.

These entities did not care about the entire human beings as a survivable species. They treated humans as cancer and a perfect way to destroy humans was using this doctrine of blind obedience. 

If you take a close look at all the main issues in the Old Testament, it is all about who gets the most of the wealth, power, longevity, fertility etc.. by blindly obeying god. There is nothing about sacrificing self for other human being’s success and well being.

This is what made the Christian religion or any religion that considers Old Testament as holy script deadly when the Old Testament is mixed with all the superior morality of their own specific doctrines and guidelines. They are not compatible to each other at all. This has nothing to do with the ethnic or racial issues. It's an issue about the philosophy that one believes to be the truth can be a deadly trap for the destruction of all humanity.

How is this religious doctrine of blind obedience related to the knowledge of the “Free Energy Physics”?

Within the paradigm of the world where the resources are absolutely limited, these demonic gods provide a powerful motivation for the followers to obey blindly whatever the religious organization they belong to will be demanding, whether it is Catholic, Protestant, Jesuits, Moslem, Judaism, because your blind obedience is directly related to your own survival within this belief system.

This diabolical fallacy crumbles down when the truth of the universe is, in fact, that the resources including the energy are unlimited and plentiful. In their view, this secret must be suppressed from the public knowledge because it is not conducive to the continued survival of the organized religion that absolutely controls the majority of the human minds. So, you can understand that it is much deeper and sinister than just the oil company’s greed that prevents this type of truth from coming out to become the public knowledge.

After I observed the mechanism of Trojan horse protocol for cancer treatment, I came to the conclusion that this spiritual poison attached to the benign food of superior morality is at the core of the human misery at this time of human history. That’s also the core of the Jesuits doctrine of the blind obedience which effectively turns all the followers inside the organization of the highest power into live human zombies in the destructive path of all humanity.